Why Can't I Plan Tours Over 3000 km?

So, you've got this epic tour in mind, stretching a proud 3000 kilometers? While we absolutely admire your passion for those long rides, unfortunately, we have to break it to you – for technical reasons, planning or saving tours longer than 3000 kilometers on calimoto is not currently possible.

Why is that the case?

There are a few reasons behind this limitation. Firstly, breaking down long routes into shorter stages gives us the perfect pit stop to load, recalculate, and keep the app cruising smoothly. This helps to maintain the enjoyment of riding during shorter trips without overloading the app. Plus, let's be real, not many riders clock in over 3000 kilometers in one go.

Our recommendation:

For grander journeys, we suggest dividing and conquering. Break your adventure down into manageable stages. Plan each leg separately, covering the distance you fancy for that particular day. It's like creating your own biker saga, and the app stays agile and efficient.

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