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Are you signed in on your iOS device with the same Apple ID you used to purchase calimoto?

➡️ Your purchase is tied to Apple ID and can't be transferred to other Apple IDs or Android devices!

Check if your purchase is listed under your "Subscriptions" on your iOS device:

  1. Open your device's settings and tap on your profile picture/name.

  2. Then tap on "Subscriptions".

  3. If calimoto is not listed here, you are logged in with the wrong Apple ID. Find out which Apple ID you used to make the purchase and log in to your device with that Apple ID.

If calimoto is listed here, open the calimoto app:

  1. Open your Profile > Settings > Restore purchases

  2. Close the calimoto app twice (also in the background) and open it again

  3. If that doesn't work: Uninstall and reinstall the app completely

  4. If necessary, repeat the first 2 steps

Is your Premium status still not recognized?

Then feel free to contact our support team at

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