How do I purchase calimoto Premium?

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Good choice 😉

We're happy you want to become part of the calimoto Premium Community!

Here's how:

  1. Download the calimoto app from Google Play/Apple App Store
  2. Create a calimoto account (username & password)
  3. Go to your "Profile"
  4. Tap on either the "Become a Premium member now" button below your username or on the orange banner that says "calimoto premium"
  5. Choose "Upgrade now" to select an annual calimoto Premium subscription
  6. Follow the additional instructions to complete the purchase
  7. Enjoy your first Premium ride with calimoto 🥳


Are you also interested in our weekly premium membership, or in the "All Maps" package?

  1. Then tap the "More purchase options"
  2. Choose among our purchase options here


➡️ Our Premium Memberships automatically renew at the end of each year or week if not cancelled beforehand.


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