Price Adjustment 2023

To make sure that we can keep improving calimoto, we need to regularly review our prices and align them with the costs of new data and the development of our app. The adjustment of our membership prices on 03 July 2023 has made it possible for us to continue to provide the best motorcycle app and new features.

What are the prices for my country?

You can find a complete overview of our products, their features, and the new prices by country here.

What if I already have calimoto Premium or the Full Maps Package?

Users who made a purchase before 03 July 2023 are not affected by the price adjustment and will continue to pay the "old" price for a weekly/yearly membership. 😉 Users who made the one-time Full Maps Package purchase will continue to benefit from up-to-date offline maps.

❤️ A big thank-you! ❤️

This price increase wasn't easy for us, and at this point, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our amazing community. Without your long-standing support, our project would never have been possible. Here's to endless roads and unforgettable moments in the saddle!

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