calimoto Premium – A Closer Look

This article presents an overview of the two calimoto Premium membership models: the yearly membership and the weekly membership.

calimoto Premium (yearly membership)

Our yearly calimoto Premium membership is your passport to a world of features and benefits that will elevate your motorcycle trips to a whole new level.

Worldwide Maps (offline & online)

With a yearly membership, you'll unlock access to maps covering every corner of the globe, and the best part is, you can use them both online and offline. So, no matter where your two-wheeled adventures take you, our up-to-date maps are your trusty companions to ensure you always reach your destination safely.

Premium Features

Beyond the basics, our yearly membership offers a range of premium perks:

  • Voice navigation: Premium allows you to plan your rides and follow them with ease using turn-by-turn voice navigation.
  • Danger zones: Stay informed about potential hazards and speed cameras along your route to ensure a safe ride.

  • "Twisty" routes: Choose our specially designed routing profile for motorcyclists, revealing the most winding and exciting routes.

  • Lean angle and acceleration analysis: Gain valuable insights into your riding style and refine your skills.

  • POIs (Points of Interest): Discover interesting places along your route, such as restaurants, gas stations, biker stops, and tourist attractions.

  • Terrain and satellite maps: Dive into detailed terrain maps and satellite images to unearth the best routes.

calimoto Premium (weekly membership)

The weekly calimoto Premium membership offers the same features as the yearly membership but with added flexibility and shorter timeframes.

Weekly Advantage

The weekly membership allows you to enjoy the full benefits of calimoto Premium precisely when you need them. It's a perfect choice for riders who plan quick seasonal trips or simply want to test the Premium experience. Our weekly membership is especially popular for short and intensive rides.

Automatic Renewal:

Both memberships renew automatically every 365 days or every 7 days, unless canceled before the end of the term. More information about Premium can be found here.

Impressed by calimoto Premium? You can purchase your membership directly through our website!

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