My purchase via your website is not recognized

Did you purchase calimoto Premium on our website and your purchase is not recognized on your device?

Please follow these tips to unlock calimoto Premium on your cell phone:

  1. Check if you are logged in on your device with the same username with which you made the purchase on the website. ➡️ Website purchases are bound to your calimoto account! If you're not logged in with the same account, you will have to completely reinstall the app and log in with the correct username afterwards.
  2. Wait - sometimes it takes a while for purchases to be unlocked on the mobile device. In some cases, this can take up to several hours. So be patient and check the status again at a later time.
  3. Restart the app - close the app completely and restart it.

You can find more info about website purchases here.

Still no access to premium?

If your Premium status is still not detected after these tips and some waiting, contact our support with the following info:

  • your profile ID, which is the identification number for your PayPal subscription. You can find this at the bottom of the order confirmation from PayPal. It has the following format: "I-XXXXXXXXXX".
  • a screenshot of your profile view on the website, clearly showing your username and information about your website purchase.
  • a screenshot of the Profile tab from the app, clearly showing your username and premium status below it.
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