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Our motorcycle map is one-of-a-kind and packed with information for you!

  • Winding roads are marked with a red border.
  • Off-road routes are highlighted in light brown.
  • Freeways are bright red.
  • You can recognize federal highways by their orange color.
  • Country roads are yellow.
  • Other roads are white.
  • Your previous routes are displayed in blue.

You can use the search function to find interesting places on the map. Click in the search bar to find biker meetups, restaurants, mountain passes, twisty highlights, gas stations, biker shops, biker hotels, and sights in your area.

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  • The colours you use for the different types of roads aren’t well chosen, as the picture they give on the map is unintuitive and takes away focus from the road in front of us.

    Map colours are much more than just preference.

    It would make sense to colour road types by interesting-ness. Think of a heat map.

    E.g.: If twisties are red, then long, straight (imo boring) freeways/motorways/autobahn should be in a colour that is far away from them, like blue, and intermittent stages of boringness closer to blue, more interesting closer to red.

    An image of a thermal camera is quickly understood, because they use this principle. One using the underlying idea of your colours would not be.

    A map thus coloured is intuitive to understand and much(!) more usable than the current colour scheme.


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