Can I Merge Tours?

Have you completed multiple tours back-to-back and now want to merge them into one epic journey? In this article, we'll dive into whether merging rides is on the horizon and why, right now, it's not a simple, straightforward technical task.

Why is merging tours a challenge?

Here at calimoto, we want to keep it real – real rides, real experiences, ensuring the reliability of our tour recommendations. Merging tours can jeopardize this reliability, as it becomes challenging verifying whether such combined rides were indeed ridden and whether they are even realistic.

An additional important aspect is that we want to maintain the continuity of your tour and keep it all smooth. If you're riding a tour over several days and taking breaks overnight, technical hiccups can come up. We have no control over what your device is up to in the background, and unexpected incidents may occur, leading to the loss of tour data.

Technical challenges

Merging tours isn't just a walk in the park, from a technical standpoint. This is because the start and end points of tours typically vary, and seamlessly connecting them is tricky. Our platform would need some serious coding acrobatics to blend tours with different start and end points – a challenge that is not easy to overcome at the moment.

What's the plan?

Currently, we don't have plans to introduce such a feature, but that doesn't mean we're not listening to your ideas! Our mission? Keeping the app reliable and top-notch for you. If you've got ideas or suggestions on how we can boost your experience, feel free to contact us via the contact form. Your thoughts and feedback are our favorite fuel for the road ahead!

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