Is calimoto Compatible With Android Auto?

Attention users: calimoto is presently not compatible with Android Auto. Simply put, direct utilization of the calimoto app on your display through Android Auto isn't currently supported. The reason behind this lies in the technical intricacies involved in integrating with Android Auto, which require a substantial development process. Additionally, the demand for this feature is relatively low. For these reasons, we are currently giving this project low priority and it will unfortunately not be implemented in the near future.

Your Feedback Matters!

We get it; A number of users are eager to have a calimoto integration with Android Auto. If you'd love to see it happen, or have other ideas for calimoto, feel free to drop us your thoughts. Simply head to our Contact Form and use the category "Feedback & Suggestions". We value feedback from our users and use it to continuously improve our app. 💪

Did you know?

calimoto is already compatible with Apple CarPlay and the Tilsberk head-up display! Head over to the relevant articles for all the details.

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  • I am surprised to find that calimoto is compatibe with Apple car play but not Android auto, which I have. When will it arrive please?

  • I am affraid it will never be on Android Auto.
    Looks like the owners/developers are Apple users and have no knowledge of the Android system.
    They say it there selves in there statement: "The reason behind this lies in the technical intricacies involved in integrating with Android Auto, which require a substantial development process"

    Companies like Here we go, Tom Tom, Waze and a whole lot of smaller companies can make it work in Android Auto but not a  company like Calimoto?? I don't believe that.
    It most be some deal they made with Apple to keep it Apple only.
    That is to bad because I always loved Calimoto.

    Now I am using Calimoto ( free trails on different mail adresses) to create GPX files on our Europeaan travel and have the participants import those in there Android Auto systems. So I get the positive things of Calimoto anyway and don't even pay for it.

    If they ever going to release the Android Auto version I am more then happy to pay for Calimoto and have my travel participants buy a subscription also because there navigation options are nr 1 for motorcyclist.

  • It is a pity! The interesting thing it that TomTom has more issues with connectivity and data sharing with iOS then with Android. Looking at the world wide market share of mobile OS, then Android is bigger than iOS. 
    We do see more and more carplay / android auto devices for motorbikes these days. It looks like calimoto is missing the boat over here. 
    I'm planning to buy a android auto device and guess that will also be the end of my calimoto subscription. 


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