calimoto Settings

You can find calimoto's app settings in your profile under Settings & Offline maps.

There you can find the following options to customize the app to your liking:

  1. Audio Output:

  • Choose from various audio channels to receive voice instructions through your headset.
  1. Orientation:

  • You can control screen rotation within the app. Choose from Automatic, Portrait, Landscape, or Landscape 180°. Note that this setting only applies within the app and overrides your regular phone settings as long as the app is open.
  1. Show Past Routes:

  • The rides you have already completed are marked in blue on the map. This way, you can always keep track of where you've been, and what new areas are left to discover.
  1. Danger Zones:

  • Enable this option to display danger zones, such as speed cameras. Please note that this feature is only available for Premium members.
  1. Units:

  • Choose between miles or the metric system.
  1. Time:

  • Customize the time format to match whether you use a 24-hour clock or operate on a 12 am to 12 pm schedule.
  1. Delete Search History:

  • Delete your last searched locations.
  1. Set Via Points Intelligently:

  • This feature optimizes the placement of via points in your rides and can automatically renumber them depending on the route. If you disable this option, the via points will be arranged chronologically.
  1. Automatic Zoom:

  • The zoom level adjusts automatically based on your speed.
  1. Save map data to SD card (Android only):

  • If your internal storage is limited, you can move maps to the SD card. Make sure there's enough space on the external storage, and keep the calimoto app in your device's internal storage.
  1. Audio settings (iOS only):

  • You can adjust the volume, speed, and pitch of voice instructions here.
  1. Restore Purchases:

  • If a purchase is not available, it might be due to a newer registration or switching to a new device. Clicking this button can help resolve the issue.
  1. Show favorites:

  • Your favorites are displayed on the map with various icons, depending on the category, such as a house for 'Home,' a biker wave for 'Biker meetups,' and a bookmark or star for 'Other.'
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