How Do I Sort/Filter My Rides?

Got a growing collection of rides and struggling to keep track of them? No worries, our filter feature has got your back when it comes to organizing your tours.

Here's how it's done:

  1. On the website, go to the tab "Trip Planner." In the app, open the "Rides" tab.
  2. Choose the Rides category you would like to filter.
  3. Your rides are sorted by months by default, with the most recent ones displayed first.
  4. Tap or click on the button with the two arrows (↑ ↓) above your rides.
  5. Now you can sort your rides by name, date, distance, and duration.
  6. Don't forget to hit "Apply/OK" to save your settings, and your ride list will refresh.

Tip: By tapping/clicking on the sorting options (e.g.from A to Z), you can reverse the order. 💡

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  • This sorting type does not get "stored" or remembered. Have to change it almost every time which is rubbish


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