What Exactly is calimoto?

Your Sidekick on Motorcycle Journeys! 🏍️

Welcome to calimoto –the go-to navigation app for bikers! Our app is your companion on every ride, promising an exceptional biking experience. Check out these calimoto highlights, tailor-made for you:

Winding Route Planning

calimoto zeroes in on those winding roads and motorcycle-friendly routes, offering you an incomparable riding experience. Thanks to our unique Twisty Roads Algorithm, the app maps out the most curvy tours, steering you through the most exciting tracks.

Points of Interest (POIs)

Discover fascinating spots like mountain passes, landmarks, and popular meeting points for bikers along your route with calimoto. This feature is your ticket to turning your trips into a memorable adventure with pit stops you won't forget.

calimoto Community

Join the buzz on our social media channels, bustling with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Share your experiences, swap routes, and grab some golden tips from other riders to enhance your biking adventures.

Offline Navigation

Whether you're cruising through remote areas or struggling with a shoddy internet connection, our app always provides you with reliable offline navigation to make sure you're always on the right track.

Ride Statistics

Get the lowdown on your performance and level up your riding game with calimoto's detailed ride statistics. Record distances, riding times and average speeds to track your individual progress.

At calimoto, we're all about crafting the ultimate experience for motorcyclists. We're here to ride shotgun on you on your adventures, delivering unique riding experiences. Welcome to the calimoto family!

Want more?

Intrigued by these highlights? Here you can dive into the details of our Premium features. For more questions about calimoto, feel free to browse through our Help Center. 😉

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