Can I Edit Your Map Data?

You're probably already familiar with OpenStreetMap (OSM). This community provides free map data and collaboratively works to depict the world as accurately as possible, keeping it up-to-date. We use OSM data as the foundation for our maps and enhance it with our own information and improvements. But here's the thing – we can't be everywhere at once, and sometimes we're a tad fashionably late to the info party about your adventures. If you notice inaccurate road data or missing information, you can actively support us by contributing to OSM.

How You Can Help:

Meet "StreetComplete," your go-to rider toolkit from OSM. With this app, you can easily add information about roads in your current area. Add details from road surfaces (because who doesn't love a smooth ride?) to store opening times. What is particularly valuable is that your contributions, especially information about the road surface and road quality, are incorporated directly into our route planning. You're not just tweaking maps; you're paving the way for all OSM and calimoto riders. You can find more information in this Wiki.

Why Your Help Matters:

Your contributions are invaluable in making our maps more accurate and useful for all users. In a world of twists and turns, having the latest info is crucial. Your additions to OSM data aren't just about maps; they're about crafting epic rides.

Thanks to Our Community ❤️

Collaborating with the OSM community and utilizing StreetComplete are integral parts of our work. Your support isn't just appreciated; it keeps our maps in top gear. Ride on, because together, we're making maps that all riders can enjoy.

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