How Do I Download Offline Maps?

Please note:

You can only download offline maps if you have a calimoto Premium membership!

  1. Open your "Profile"
  2. Go to "Settings & Offline Maps"
  3. Tap on "Download Offline Maps Now" to download new offline maps
  4. Toggle the "Use Offline Maps" slider to enable/disable offline maps

In your settings, you can see if you have already downloaded any maps, and if so how many, as well as how much space they take up. Since many offline are often quite large, we recommend downloading only the maps you need for your next trip.

If possible: Save your offline maps to your device's internal memory.

To delete an offline map, just click on the trash can icon next to the download.

➡️ Some countries are grouped together in one collective offline map. More on that here.


We recommend using offline maps only when you don't have access to mobile data, or if you will be traveling somewhere with spotty reception. Online maps continue to offer a smoother riding experience without restrictions 😉.

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