Can I Transfer Premium to Another Device?

So, you've got that sweet Premium membership (whether yearly or weekly), and now you're eyeing a new device or thinking about a secondary one? The transferability depends on the operating system you're using. Let's break it down:

Purchase via iOS – Switching to another iOS device:

If you purchased Premium through Apple, your membership is tied to your Apple ID. Good news – you can transfer this purchase to another iOS device using the same Apple ID. Keep in mind, however, transfers to another Apple ID (even if it's also your own) or to Android devices aren't doable.

Purchase via Android – Switching to another Android device:

If you made your Premium purchase through Google, your membership is tied to your Google account. In this case, you can easily transfer your purchase to another Android device where you're signed in with the same Google account. Just remember, transferring to another Google account (even if it's also yours) or to iOS devices won't work.

Purchase via our website - Switching to another device:

If you made your Premium purchase through our website, your membership is tied to your calimoto account (username). Translation: Your purchase is not picky about operating systems. You can use it on various devices, be it Android or iOS. Just make sure you log in with the same username when switching. 💪

Purchase via iOS/Android – Switching to the other OS:

Now, if you went for Premium through Apple/Google, it's tied to your Apple ID/Google account. In this case, it is unfortunately not possible to transfer your Premium membership directly to the other operating system (from Apple to Android or vice versa) without starting a new subscription in the respective store. In such cases, we recommend a complete switch and purchasing via our website. This allows you to use calimoto Premium flexibly across systems in the long term, as your membership is then tied to your username. That way, you're not tethered to a specific OS when switching devices. More information on website purchases can be found here.

Please note:

If you opt for the website switch and already have an active subscription with Apple/Google, make sure to cancel the existing subscription in the respective store in a timely manner. Find a detailed guide here.

Questions about your Premium membership? Check out our FAQ on calimoto Premium here.

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