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This is how you import tours with calimoto!

GPX stands for GPS Exchange Format and is used by many navigation systems and devices. It is an open file format for storing geo-data for tours. calimoto recognizes and processes uploaded GPX files to optimally display the tours with the appropriate file types.

GPX import

You can import GPX files in Android app, the iOS app, or on our website.


  1. Select "Tours"
  2. Select "Planned"
  3. Tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner
  4. Select the "GPX Import" button
  5. Locate and select the downloaded file and open the tour with calimoto


  1. Download the desired GPX file and open the file
  2. Choose calimoto as app you wish to use
  3. The file opens as a tour in the app


  1. Open the Trip Planner on the website (don't forget to log in 😉)
  2. Click on the GPX import button (located under My rides and My favorites)
  3. Select the desired GPX file and upload it
  4. The file will be displayed as a tour on the map

Please note:

Since GPX is an open file format, it is possible that deviations from the original will occur during import. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that this will not occur, and we cannot prevent it. You can find more info on our blog.

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  • It’s vague and unhelpful.  There are GPX standards and versions of those. Say which you support. 

    GPX can be route, track or both. What do you support?

    My experience is that when trying to import a v1.1 route, track and POI GPX is that  calimoto will say that it could not import the GPX. Then it will display it on the map.

    But if I then try to navigate, it calculates a route. So presumably it’s ignoring the track and using the POIs only. This is not clear at all.

    The end result is that it LOOKS like Calimoto has imported the track and looking at the route on the map may look good.  But the actual route it then navigates could be very different as it will also keep recalculating for “twisties” thereby erasing any benefit of a preplanned route.

    Of course your raison d’être then steps in and tries to find “twisty” alternatives to a route I’ve already carefully planned - and buggers it all up.




  • Agreed. I just subscribed after hearing good things and tried to import a previously recorded GPX, but because it contained "off-road" sections Calimoto recalculates it and it becomes completely unusable. I couldn't find any options to adjust the behaviour and I ended up here. Disappointed. Should've done my homework first.


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